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Aimpoint is the worldwide leader and originator of red dot sight technology. With 35 years of experience and collaboration with military weapon experts, hunters, and marksmen, Aimpoint red dot sights remain the first choice for speed and accuracy. Each sight is hand-built and rigorously tested in extreme Sweden weather conditions. Never doubt your sight with Aimpoint.

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Aimpoint Warranty and Repair

Aimpoint guarantees its products to be free from original manufacturer defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years for professional or competition use and 10 years for personal use from the date of purchase. Personal use shall mean: use of the sight in a way that implies less exposure than professional use. Professional or frequent competition use shall mean: daily or highly frequent use of the sight in professional activities (military or law enforcement) or under conditions that could be compared to as professional. The warranty is valid provided that the sight has not been misused, disassembled or tampered with in any way. Any attempt to disassemble or repair the product will void the warranty. The warranty agreement is limited to the original owner and is not transferable. Any warranty claim must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt showing date of purchase.


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